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Specialty Services

© Sherlock Smith & Adams, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Specialty Services
© Sherlock Smith & Adams, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Specialty Services

SS&A Design Collective’s diverse group of professionals work together and can provide a number of specialty services that reach across several disciplines. We have staffs in each discipline that are Accredited Professionals in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED® AP). SS&A is committed to developing sustainable building designs using the principles of LEED and our team works together to ensure each project meets the established LEED goals. We can also work as a multi-disciplined team with extensive knowledge of design and construction in a variety of ways to help clients where we are not the Architect of Record. We use our expertise to develop requests for proposals (RFP) for design/build projects so they can be enforced with solid engineering criteria. We can also provide evaluations as a third party reviewer on any proposal or design.

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  • Requests for Proposals
  • Value Engineering Services
  • Design/Build Proposal Evaluations
    Regardless of the size of the team, the size of the project, or the nature of the job, SS&A takes pride in being client focused and exceeding client expectations in all aspects of our work.
  • Maximizing Team Expertise for Sound Engineering Decisions
  • Staying Within Budget Through Design and Construction
  • Specifying Quality Products and Construction Techniques
  • Current on the Latest Technology, Products, and Solutions
  • Minimize the Impact of Construction on Occupants
  • Thorough Coordination of All Aspects of Design
© Sherlock Smith & Adams, Inc. All Rights Reserved