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our process

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our process

  • The Project Manager is selected as soon as the project is established, acting as the direct point of contact for the client and maintaining that relationship and communication through all design and construction phases.
  • The Project Manager and design team selection is deliberate and intentional, based on each team member’s experience with the client and/or project type.
  • The design architects and engineers see each project through to completion – again, from design concept through construction.
  • SS&A brings the benefits of being an Architecture-Engineering firm – all disciplines are in-house, streamlining communication and coordination throughout design and construction.
  • The design team meets regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) throughout the design phases to ensure that the concept is fully developed into a thoroughly designed building that meets the client’s scope and needs.

Throughout our processes we understand the different requirements for each client and each facility, including:

  • Special requirements for unique facility types.
  • Client specific criteria requirements.
  • Site and climatic concerns of different regions (US and internationally).

We approach the development of your project based on well-tested methodologies. These have successfully created some of the most progressive and dynamic healthcare and specialty facilities. As part of the project development, our team facilitates site visits, performs on-site (or virtual) interviews with end users, and collects existing documentation and standards to develop the Concept of Operations, Basic Facility Space Planning Requirements / Program for Design (BFR/PFD), Project Room Contents List, Design Concepts, Site Analysis and Development and Cost Estimates. We take pride in providing for the needs of the facilities that support the health and wellness of our clients’ communities.

© Sherlock Smith & Adams, Inc. All Rights Reserved