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Lee Barnes Promoted to Director of Electrical Engineering

SS&A would like to congratulate Lee Barnes for his promotion to Director of Electrical Engineering! In his new role, Lee will supervise department employees and oversee standards for departmental design practices. Lee joined SS&A in 2009 and brings substantial industry knowledge and expertise to his new position. Well deserved, Lee!

Shaun Bott Promoted to Director of Medical Planning

SS&A is pleased to announce the promotion of Shaun Bott to Director of Medical Planning! In his new role, Shaun will provide focused administrative oversight to the medical planning and equipment planning personnel for the firm. His duties will range from market developments to maintaining lines of communication between clients and firm personnel. Congratulations, Shaun!

James Greenwood joins SS&A as Medical Equipment Planner

SS&A is pleased to welcome James Greenwood as Medical Equipment Planner. In his role, James will communicate specific medical equipment details with the architectural and engineering design teams to fulfill coordinated project lifecycles.

James attended the Department of Defense (DOD) Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) Repair course and graduated in 2009 where he was awarded his MOS certification for the Army which was 68A-Biomedical Equipment Specialist. Since then, James has held numerous BMET positions with a variety of industry specialties, while continuing to serve in the Army Reserves.

Born in South Korea but adopted and raised in the great state of Texas, James is a sports junkie and a foodie who enjoys a broad range of music. His hobbies include attending concerts and festivals, reading comics, and watching anime. James was attracted to SS&A by the approach the company took toward marketing its core values. “There was a sense of comradery, teamwork, family, and support that I had picked up quite quickly through email correspondence, phone conversations, and Teams calls.”

Welcome to the team, James!


SS&A is pleased to welcome Ashley Redic to our team as a Receptionist. Ashley obtained a BFA from Auburn University at Montgomery with a concentration in Visual Arts. In her role at SS&A, she is the first point of contact for both on-site and virtual visitors. She assists in generating a weekly Status Report for our company and consolidating construction tasks and progress reports for fellow team members to review.

As someone who values and practices concept art in her spare time, the early conceptual stages of design planning resonate with Ashley the most. With previous work experience in customer service, museum administration, and art education, she finds the design process highly intriguing. Catering design choices to location, aesthetic, and structural needs can be different with every project and she is eager to learn how it all comes together.

Prior to submitting her application with SS&A, she spent time researching our company. While she primarily sought to expand her administrative knowledge, she also finds employee retention and overall job satisfaction to be an essential aspect of any successful company and in her own words, “I loved what I saw!” In her spare time, Ashley enjoys reading, gaming, and caring for plants. Welcome to the team, Ashley!


SS&A is pleased to welcome Katherine Morgan to our team as Accounting Assistant. A previous resident of Dallas, Texas, Katherine studied Mathematics at Southern Methodist University and has worked in accounting for the past five years. In her role at SS&A, her responsibilities include payroll, accounts payable, expense reports, sales tax, and in her own words, “anything else that comes my way! I love challenges and learning new things!”

While in Texas, Katherine worked for a start-up company that sold products for youth football, then a privately held oil and gas company with operations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. After moving to Alabama, she worked for a local public accounting firm. In 2021, she and her husband moved from Dallas to Lake Martin, where they now spend their spare time enjoying hiking, water sports, and time with their Vizsla puppy. Welcome aboard, Katherine!


SS&A is proud to announce Kathryn Helms has joined our team as Comptroller. An Auburn University graduate, Kathryn received a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Mathematics Education in 2010, moving on to teach math at Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School in Montgomery for the next eight years. In 2014, she returned to night school at AUM where she received a secondary bachelor’s degree in accounting and has since continued to take several graduate-level accounting courses in preparation for the CPA exam. Kathryn recently passed the first of the four CPA exams and plans to become fully licensed in 2023.

“Though teaching was a very rewarding career, I did not feel professionally fulfilled. I am very goal and detail-oriented, so I felt accounting was more suited to my personality. I like the challenge that accounting provides. Having spent so much time in and around sports, I have always worked hard to be a valuable team member at work, and I’ve always had the desire to ‘serve’. I love that accounting has allowed me to use my specific skill set and knowledge to serve my coworkers and clients.” With her strong public accounting expertise and experience, we’re confident Kathryn will have many opportunities to continue to serve others here at SS&A.

Originally from Montgomery, Kathryn and her husband Tyler currently live in Opelika with their two children, Sophia (8) and Hudson (3). Coincidentally, this will not be Kathryn’s first time here at SS&A. She worked in our production department the summer after high school, during which time she observed coworkers love their jobs, build their careers and create meaningful bonds with one another. “I knew that working for SS&A would mean working for a company that takes pride in the work they do and also values their employees.”

Kathryn, we are excited to have you join our team!


SS&A Design Collective is proud to announce Caleb Rudolph recently passed the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam (PE). As one of SS&A’s electrical engineer interns, Caleb will continue supervised training until he has acquired the necessary experience under a licensed engineer to gain his PE licensure.

During college, Caleb began working at SS&A as an Electrical Design Intern in the summer of 2019, and again in the summer of 2020. He continued as a part-time intern through the fall of 2020 and, upon graduation, was offered a full-time position with the firm.

When asked about his experience with the company Caleb replied, “I have been blessed to be mentored by a group of talented and experienced engineers. They have given me every opportunity to learn and grow and I am confident that their mentorship and the work I have done at SS&A will have prepared me for getting my license in a few years.”

SS&A is so proud of the strides you have made in your career, Caleb, and we look forward to celebrating your next milestone!

Addition / Alteration of the Vet Clinic, Building 500 at Ft. Gordon, GA is Complete

In partnership with PageSoutherlandPage, the Addition / Alteration of the Vet Clinic, Building 500, at Ft. Gordon, GA is now complete. The renovated Vet Clinic expanded and upgraded the original 1967, single-story facility that provides treatment and care for Military Working Dogs and household pets. The addition/alteration is a complete demolition and renovation of the building’s interior, with a refresh of the building’s exterior, including new doors, windows and canopies.

Follow the link below to learn more about this project.

Addition / Alteration Vet Clinic, Building 500


In partnership with Clark Nexsen, the Medical Homeport Renovation of Building 449 at Naval Submarine Base in New London, CT is now complete. SS&A provided the Medical Planning, Medical Equipment Planning, and Electrical Engineering services in the 57,128 square foot renovation. Design began in 2017 which included phasing the facility to remain fully operational throughout the 5-year construction duration. SS&A and Clark Nexsen recently completed a post-occupancy design evaluation with patients and staff of the Medical Homeport and are pleased to report overall satisfaction with both the design and construction process. Thank you to our team members at Clark Nexsen, NAVFAC MIDLANT and staff at Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Unit Groton for a successfully completed project.

Follow the link below to learn more about this project.

Medical Homeport Renovation Building 449 Naval Submarine Base New London


SS&A would like to congratulate Austin Lovvorn, our newest Licensed Professional Engineer. Working with SS&A as an Electrical Intern since 2018, Austin passed his Professional Engineer (PE) exam earlier this year and is now licensed in the state of Kentucky.

Although Austin is one of our star employees, recently being named SS&A’s Employee of the Quarter, getting to this point wasn’t exactly a straight path. Beginning college in the Fall of 2010 at UAB, he was uncertain of the career path he wanted to take. After majoring in math for a couple of years, then trying out a few pre-med courses, he decided to take a year off from school. In 2014, he returned as an Electrical Engineering major. While studying for his engineering degree, Austin co-oped with Hubbell Power Systems for 2 years. Right before graduation, a friend suggested he apply to SS&A. Knowing very little about the AE industry, he took a chance, submitted his resume, and was soon asked to come in for an interview and to meet the President, the Chief Engineer, and the electrical engineering team. Shortly after, he was offered a position with SS&A and joined the team in May of 2018.

When asked about his experience with the company, Austin replied, “Working at SS&A has taught me more about being an engineer than college ever could have. The engineers that supervise me have gone above and beyond not only showing me how we do things but showing why we do it this way. They have also encouraged me to constantly improve our design method and have given me the knowledge and ability to do so.”

SS&A is so proud of the strides you have made in your career, Austin, and we look forward to celebrating the ingenuity and depth you continually bring to our team.