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Austin Lovvorn passes the Professional Engineer Exam

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Austin Lovvorn passes the Professional Engineer Exam

Austin Lovvorn passes the Professional Engineer Exam

SS&A would like to congratulate Austin Lovvorn on passing the Professional Engineer Exam. As one of SS&A’s electrical engineer interns, Austin will continue his supervised training until he has accumulated enough hours to gain his PE licensure.

Although Austin is one of our star employees, recently being named SS&A’s Employee of the Quarter, getting to this point wasn’t exactly a straight path. Beginning college in the Fall of 2010 at UAB, he was uncertain of the career path he wanted to take. After majoring in math for a couple of years, then trying out a few pre-med courses, he decided to take a year off from school. In 2014, he returned as an Electrical Engineering major. While studying for his engineering degree, Austin co-oped with Hubbell Power Systems for 2 years. Right before graduation, a friend suggested he apply to SS&A. Knowing very little about the AE industry, he took a chance, submitted his resume, and was soon asked to come in for an interview and to meet the President, the Chief Engineer, and the electrical engineering team. Shortly after, he was offered a position with SS&A and joined the team in May of 2018.

When asked about his experience with the company, Austin replied, “Working at SS&A has taught me more about being an engineer than college ever could have. The engineers that supervise me have gone above and beyond not only showing me how we do things but showing why we do it this way. They have also encouraged me to constantly improve our design method and have given me the knowledge and ability to do so.”

SS&A is so proud of the strides you have made in your career, Austin, and we look forward to celebrating your next milestone!

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