Nassau, Bahamas

General Description
A young and growing congregation with a particularly community-oriented focus faced the question, “Where do we go from here?”  Sherlock, Smith & Adams helped to solve the puzzle. Through a detailed master planning process, SS&A developed a multiphase program to develop the property which the church had purchased. The first phase of the master plan consisted of a multi-use community center building. The central space in the community center is a “gymnatorium” with an athletic floor intended for open community use for most of the week, but becoming seating area for worship services and programs when they occur. The function of the room is enhanced by a spacious raised platform and a separate audio-visual booth. Auxiliary spaces in the center include a gathering space complete with a coffee shop, administrative offices, and classrooms. The church strongly desired to use an interior scheme that was true to its dynamic and existing worship style. SS&A delivered with a vibrant color palette and with the use of fanciful framing and trim elements to enhance the ceilings of the spaces. In a future phase, the church will construct a state-of-the-art theatre-like worship center, but will maintain the community center for open use in the hope of attracting “seekers” to the welcoming atmosphere of the church.