Columbus, Georgia

Project Size and Construction Cost
New: 200,000 GSF; Renovation: 100,000 GSF and $49 million
General Description

Sherlock, Smith & Adams designed a new reception station and processing center for the 30th AG Battalion to accommodate the reception of new initial entry training (IET) soldiers for in-processing through administrative procedures, physical and mental screening, and their preparation for training units. The U.S. Army determined that the new reception station and processing center is needed for the operation and support of the expanded mission of the 30th AG Battalion, the growth in personnel, and the insufficient space in the current facility.

Internal departments and functions include the command section, S-1, S-3, S-4, intake waiting and briefing assembly, formal assembly, personal affairs, finance, banking, computer section, LNO, sick call, immunization, hearing, optometry, dental, CMHS, chaplain, photo/ID, barbershop, clothing issue, and a warehouse.

Separate buildings and other works that are a part of the reception station and processing center (Phase One) include the new reception station, a warehouse/lawn equipment storage building, and a 400-meter running track. Other site work included in this project is the associated paved parking and drives, building pad preparation for a future dining hall, and a future community building.