Patrick Air Force Base
Melbourne, Florida
Project Size and Construction Cost
91,992 GSF and $15.9 million
General Description

Sherlock, Smith & Adams and RUSH Construction were selected to design and construct the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Facility (DEOMI) at Patrick AFB.
This project consisted of the design and construction of a new two-story training facility. DEOMI is used to provide training for all military and civilian personnel (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Reserve Units) who are assigned equal opportunity or equal employment opportunity responsibilities. The training facility accommodates more than 400 students. The high-tech facility is equipped with closed circuit video systems, which allows for the monitoring and taping of individual classes. Areas are provided for production and post-production of video programs.
The DEOMI facility is a “Green Building.” It was purposefully designed to reduce both direct and indirect environmental consequences associated with construction occupancy, operation, maintenance, and eventual decommissioning. BE&K Engineering, as consultant to SS&A, provided mechanical, electrical, and some structural design.
Jones, Edmunds & Associates, under subcontract to Sherlock, Smith & Adams, provided all civil engineering, land surveying and cathodic protections.
Classroom space, faculty offices, library, support functions, computer room, break rooms, research facilities, multi-purpose auditorium that can be set up as separate classroom(s) or conference room(s) or can be used as an auditorium/ceremonies room.