Pensacola, Florida

General Description
The Aircrew Water Survival Training Facility is one of four similar facilities designed simultaneously around the country for the Naval Operational Medical Institute (NOMI) by the Navy’s Bureau of Medicine (BUMED). This facility, used to train naval aircrews in over water survival skills, is crowned with an air-foiled shaped roof.
Facility Layout
The building consists of a large pool area with a generous pool deck for training and use of special training structures. Surrounding the pool/training area on two- and one-half sides are support functions. These functions are either dry activities such as facility lobby, administrative offices, staff/student lounge, and classrooms, or wet activities such as staff/student lockers and toilets, equipment issue/dry/repair, pool maintenance, mechanical, and dive lockers. Every effort was taken to prevent the mix or cross traffic between these wet and dry activities.
Entry points into the new facility are at the front facility lobby for staff, students, and visitors and maintenance/service entries at each end of the facility through mechanical and electrical rooms. Secondary entry points are provided at the front of the building through single doors to accommodate life safety requirements. An access point for moving training equipment in and out of the pool/training area will be provided at the rear end of this area (a large overhead door).
Environmental Considerations
The pool/training area is a large element free of structural obstructions and maintaining a minimum 24'0" (7.3 m) ceiling height. The surrounding support areas are lower in height with a more conventional structural support system. Mechanical systems as well as pool systems (maintenance and mechanical) were critical to the design. Both temperature and moisture levels within the pool/training area had to be maintained at proper levels to support the training activities.