The Medical Planners and Medical Equipment Planners at Sherlock, Smith & Adams have extensive experience within the healthcare arena and in the delivery of healthcare services. This experience includes backgrounds in nursing, healthcare administration, bio-medical engineering, medical equipment planning, and architectural design of healthcare facilities. This team contributes to the design of medical facilities from an end user perspective as well as from a professional perspective.

Our Medical Planners are involved at the very beginning of a medical project. Their involvement starts at the planning and programming stage and carries through the design process to ensure that clinical requirements drive the solutions and are not an afterthought.

Our Medical Equipment Planners work with industry vendors to stay up-to-date on the ever changing technology of medical and diagnostic equipment. We maintain a database that contains thousands of medical equipment items to ensure that the architectural and engineering design team has the details required for a fully coordinated project. This involvement helps to insure the specific requirements of the medical equipment systems and facility layout, as well as ensure that compliance with the necessary codes and criteria are met to provide a state-of-the-art healthcare facility.