The Mechanical Engineers at Sherlock, Smith & Adams provide cost effective state-of-the-art project specific solutions. Our team has over 75 years combined experience in the design and operation of mechanical building systems. Our engineers are experienced in working in all climatic regions (humid, frigid, high elevation, and arid desert). They utilize computer aided modeling software to determine how buildings react to both internal and external environmental conditions. They have extensive experience in conservation standards and techniques and offer innovative solutions to improve sustainability through design and operation. Their vast knowledge of HVAC systems, Plumbing systems, Medical Gas systems, and Site Utility systems ensure that all alternatives are considered and the most appropriate solution is recommended for each project. 

The mechanical engineering staff at SS&A is also adept at designing specialty building systems to combat extreme conditions such as: Seismic Instability, High Velocity Wind / Wind-Born-Debris Zones, Infectious/Biological Containment, Hazardous Chemical Agent Control, as well as buildings subject to chemical or biological attack. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Design and Construction Document generation Utilizing (BIM) 3-D Modeling
  • Sustainable Design Including LEED (all versions), Whole Building Energy Modeling, and Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Air Distribution Systems
  • DX Cooling Systems
  • Chilled Water Cooling Systems
  • Hot Water Heating Systems
  • Steam and Condensate Systems
  • Ground Coupled Geothermal Systems
  • Rainwater Capture Systems
  • Hospital Medical Gas Systems—Including: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Medical Compressed Air, and Medical Vacuum
  • Specialty Gas System Design for Research and Teaching Laboratories
  • Dental Compressed Air and Vacuum Systems
  • Biological Safety Laboratory Design
  • Chemical Laboratory Design
  • Existing Building Evaluation and Investigations to determine Building Code, Medical Criteria, and Design Intent Compliance