Gadsden, Alabama
General Description
The City of Gadsden Department of Planning and Engineering commissioned Sherlock, Smith & Adams (SS&A) to initiate a master plan study along the riverfront corridor. The intent of the study was to encourage development along the river but in an orderly and planned manner. A master plan study of this size required the cooperation of the city, the architect, and the community. A series of meetings with local officials and the community provided valuable information as well as a hands-on approach to the process.
The final master plan included: clusters of multifamily housing, an extension of the existing Riverfront Park, and a new convention center and hotel complex with crossover. Additionally, the plan included the creation of a river trail extending the length of the project area, new retail-based boat docks, identification of the new Coosa River Golf Course and Recreation Park, infill retail development, and a pedestrian connection to the Municipal Complex and Broad Street. Beyond the master plan, SS&A worked with city officials to develop and adopt Appearance and Development Guidelines.