The electrical engineering group at Sherlock, Smith & Adams designs lighting systems and power systems for the built environment as part of new buildings and renovation projects and as independent stand-alone projects. Our electrical engineers have decades of experience in a wide variety of building types and sizes ranging from schools to hospitals. A critical part of the design team, the electrical engineers’ ultimate goal is to provide safe, reliable, and economical designs within the project's estimated construction budget. Our electrical engineers, like the rest of our design team, are very client-oriented and work to ensure they address all of the client’s needs and concerns and are comfortable with all aspects of what may seem to be a complex engineering solution.

  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Design Using 3D Rendering Software
  • Point-by-Point Lighting Calculations
  • Esthetically Pleasing and Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions
  • Lighting Designs to Comply with LEED® Requirements
  • Lighting Retrofits for Energy Conservation
  • Emergency Generator Systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems
  • Short Circuit Calculations
  • Circuit Breaker Coordination Studies
  • Evaluations for Code and Criteria Compliance
  • Exterior Underground and Overhead Power Systems Design