The structural engineers at Sherlock, Smith & Adams work closely with the design team early in the process to ensure that the structure compliments the architecture of the building. Our structural engineers have designed facilities in some of the strongest seismic areas in the world, combined with typhoon/hurricane wind considerations and anti-terrorism and progressive collapse requirements, all in a single facility. As design progresses, detailed structural analysis and refinement of structural components of the building develop toward a final structural system. Our structural engineers thoroughly evaluate project requirements to ensure the most appropriate system and materials are recommended to meet the local conditions. Independent of projects, they also evaluate existing facilities to determine compliance with codes and recommend alternative corrective actions as needed.

  • Code and Criteria Analysis and Compliance
  • Seismic Evaluations and Design
  • Structural Alternatives Based on Geotechnical Data
  • Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Design (AT/FP)
  • Progressive Collapse Design
  • Economical Analysis of Most Feasible Structural Systems