School of Medicine, The University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Project Size and Construction Cost
78,941 GSF and $11.8 million

General Description
The new medical center clinic was needed to meet family practice residency accreditation requirements. Sherlock, Smith & Adams designed the building in traditional style utilizing brick, architectural precast concrete, and standing seam metal roofing in the campus vernacular. There are clerestory windows that provide abundant natural light to the two “malls” from which clinics are accessed.  Clinics are arranged in 5,000 GSF pods for family practice (two each), internal medicine, ob/gyn, pediatrics and mental health. The two level facility has on-grade entrances for each floor. The lower academic level provides space for the dean’s office, medical student training areas, health sciences library, medical supply service and other offices. The upper level contains the University Medical Center Clinic and its ancillary facilities. Patient parking is on the same level as the clinic and patient access is at the end of the clinic mall. A porte-cochere provides a covered drop-off point for patients. The west entrance provides at-grade access to the School of Medicine.

Medical library, general surgery clinic,  shelled space, ob/gyn clinic, imaging services, logistics, patient administration