Phillip K. Bobo Medical Center
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Project Size
12,000 GSF
General Description

University Blvd was selected as the ideal place to relocate Tuscaloosa’s Emergi-Care Clinic.  The challenge the design team faced was a complete interior renovation of the former office space to fit the needs of an outpatient clinic and to create a more cohesive appearance for the exterior.  The design team worked closely with the developer, the contractor, and the tenants to develop the most attractive, efficient and effective design within the constraints of the existing footprint.  The result is an elegant and modern clinic.  The spacious waiting area features natural light and high ceilings. The way finding components of the interior design to the exam areas are intuitive. The principles of on stage and off stage patient and staff interactions are applied throughout within the constraints of the structure.  The interior finish selections are not only attractive, but also provide easy maintenance and infection control.  The exterior of the building received a new stucco finish unifying the entrance with the whole building.  The Emergi-Care Clinic at University Blvd East is now open and ready to serve the people of Tuscaloosa for many years to come.


Sherlock Smith and Adams, Inc. provided the architectural and interior design services.

The property is managed by The Advantage Realty Group Inc.


Emergi Care-8.jpg
Emergi Care-3.jpg