Project Size and Construction Cost
281,153 GSF and $158.1 million
Project Schedule
Design Completion: 2010
Construction Completion: 2014

General Description
The new 281,153 GSF Naval Hospital is designed with today’s emphasis on outpatient care and reduced inpatient care with a focus on patient and family care. The facility is constructed approximately 1,200 feet from the Philippine Sea on the edge of a ridge line elevated approximately 150 feet above sea level. From this location, the hospital has a beautiful westward view overlooking the Philippine Sea. Sherlock, Smith & Adams’ design met the challenge of Guam’s extreme environment – tropical humidity, corrosive coastal atmosphere, very high seismicity, and typhoon-force winds (170 mph). High volume clinics and ancillary services are off of the central waiting area on the first floor and lower volume clinics and matching in-patient functions are off the central waiting area on the second floor. The major exterior entrances: main entrance, emergency outpatient entrance, trauma entrance, and the service dock for logistics and food service are all separated and located on different sides of the building, which allows the site to be organized to lessen site circulation conflicts. The hospital levels are organized with a north-south atrium space bisecting the floors. On the east side of the atrium are outpatient clinics on both levels. On the west side of the first floor are the hospital ancillary functions including pharmacy, pathology, radiology, physical therapy and emergency services and one clinic function, the orthopedic/podiatry clinic.