Partlow Campus
Tuscaloosa, AL
Project Size
New 239,799 sf, Renovations 19,787 sf
Total: 259,586 GSF
General Description:
The Adult Psychiatric Treatment Facility is designed to accommodate the inpatient psychiatric patients previously cared for by Bryce Hospital in Tuscaloosa. The new facility is programmed to house 268 patients. The inpatient area is designed as an institutional occupancy and the administration area is designed to be business occupancy.
The inpatient facility consists of four major components: patient housing, neighborhood clinical therapy areas, recovery center, and support elements.
The patient housing consists of eleven inpatient units.  Four “Hope” units have 98 beds. Three “Long Term” units have 72 beds.  Four “Forensic” units have 98 beds. Each resident unit is organized by an intersecting pair of double-loaded corridors. A nurse station is located at the intersection of the corridors. Each resident unit contains both single and double occupancy patient rooms, a patient laundry, a day room, a quiet room, a group room, and various support spaces.  
There is a neighborhood clinical therapy area adjacent to each of the three types of resident unit groups. The neighborhoods contain offices and support spaces for the patient care staff along with day treatment rooms, as well as dining rooms for each neighborhood.
The recovery center is an activity and teaching area whose purpose is to provide spaces to work with patients regarding skills needed to live in the community. In addition to classroom space, this area includes a gymnasium, canteen, library, chapel, barber shop, post office, recreation center, fitness center, arts and crafts room, and vocational area.  
Support space includes food service, medical clinic, pharmacy, security, admitting, and courtroom.