As a national leader in the design of US Military Medical Facilities, Sherlock, Smith & Adams, Inc. has developed quizzes to test your knowledge of Military Medical Criteria that would be needed by Project Managers, Architects, Engineers and others who need to have a thorough understanding of this criteria.  On a few occasions we may reference a code such as NFPA where it is integral to the understanding of how to apply the criteria.  After you have taken the test, you will immediately receive your score as well as the correct answer to each question along with an explanation.  You may take the test as many times as you like.   We will not spam you or sell your email address.  We will send you a follow up survey to ask you how you liked the quiz and if you have any suggestions.   We hope you enjoy the test.


Please click the link below to test your knowledge of Estimating Military Medical Criteria. 

SS&A Military Estimating Quiz